Orsaya was born in 1972 in a town called Purmerend – The Netherlands – in a musical family with a Dutch father and a Hungarian mother. Her mother was a well-known classical pianist.
Her mother’s family are Hungarian, and are renowned for their music.
Her uncle is a composer and first violinist in an international orchestra and her aunt was an opera singer in Budapest.

At the age of 7 she started playing the piano and at the age of 9 she chose a second instrument, the flute. After graduating high school she started studying at the Conservatory. During her study she played in the North Holland youth orchestra and began teaching. Her first success came when she was asked to play her own musical composition for flute, playing live on Radio 1.

At the age of 19 she began her study at the Sweelick Amsterdam Conservatory majoring in the flute, singing and piano. She was taught by the famous Dutch flutist Marieke Schneemann. In 1999 she graduated cum laude. Over the past 15 years, as a qualified music teacher she progressively expanded her teaching career. She also teaches at Muziek College Hilversum and is often hired as a freelancer for projects at various music schools.

Regarding her flute music Orsaya has a classical background. She has also developed her singing skills by following vocal coaching by o.a. Dennis Jannah, Monique Bakker, Mathilde Keij and Kees Taal. She has developed a special interest in jazz, latin, funk and pop, R&B and dance music. You can hear this in her latest song ‘Help Yourself’. In all of these different musical disciplines you can recognize the unique sound of Orsaya, in her ​​flute playing, piano and also in her songs. Orsaya is multi-talented: she plays the flute, piano and sings. She also writes and composes most of her songs.

A performance by Orsaya is a great experience. The show can be small and intimate in an acoustic setting or with taped music but also grand and passionate with various musicians.

Apart from her own performances she supports various projects.
She is currently works on the following projects:

  • ‘Get on your feet with Orsaya’s Latin Touch’
  • Interactive music reading for companies
  • Innergame of music; grouplessons, interviews
  • Band coaching
  • Ensemble leadership
  • Platform against poverty
  • Songs-musical

Finished projects :

  • Theatershows
  • Puur en Simpel
  • On stage with Orsaya: Platform for talent in the Purmaryn
  • Freelance Orchestra member for various projects.
  • Heartbeat
  • Theatershow “Orsaya tells”
  • Arabesque Nouveau
  • Orchestra member Kees Taal – tenor & vocal coach to the stars;
  • Teachers Band Yamaha – Musicschool Purmerend – including Marcel Kapteijn of Ten Sharp – & Monique Bakker – backing vocals Candy Dulfer;
  • Film music writing and playing for the film “Manja”;
  • Piano accompaniment to ballet school Terese Oswald;
  • Piano accompaniment – rehearsal – in Hoorn operettas including Arwin Kluft
  • Amy branch Duo – with singer Anne-Marie Leijdekker
  • Orsaya vs. DJ Erik – live improvisation Latin / house
  • Concert in Florence with opera singer Kees Taal in ao Palazzo Vecchio
  • Recording album with Velibor Weller and others
  • Tribute to Dalida (theater)
  • Dinnershow Gene Travis

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